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The joint task between fox and vodaphone, referred to as 24:Conspiracy theory, will be a number of 24"Mobisodes, minute long payment of video that will feature a storyline similar to fox's hit keifer sutherland Cheap Michael Kors Bags show.

Conspiracy theory, about the other hand, will star different cartoon figures and actors.Inside series' first mobisode(A term that fox has already copyrighted), A rogue Counter enemy Unit agent named Susan Walker(Beverly bryant)Kills a big shot military official.Her man ctu er martin kail(Dylan bruce)Is hot to be with her trail, but just who the bad guy is will be up in the air, as kail may just be a pawn in a conspiracy that requires his ctu bosses.

Surely, therefore many much action packed into about 60 seconds of video, 24 the mobile phone series will proceed at the same frenetic pace as its tube ancestor.Conspiracy theory, exactly simillar to the tv show, plays a part in end each mobisode with a cliffhanger, which culminate in Michael Kors Bags a"Breaking"One minute finale that fox promises will answer all questions posed while in the series.

The cell phone drama isn't going to be produced by Michael Kors Handbags the same team behind the tv show, still.Conspiracy will be helmed by spark hill stage musicals or plays, a service that has produced bonus features for the 24 dvd box sets.

As for when the action will hit a mobile near you, it depends on which argument of the ocean you'll be viewing your weekly dose of supercharged celludrama.And britain in thinking about receiving.British vodaphone customers can begin their monthly dues to conspiracy on jan.30.But american fans will have to hang about until next spring or summer, and sign up for a verizon service, to stream mobisodes.

For the viewers itching therefore to their 24 action old school style, jack bauer and the gang make contact with the tube in a two hour season premiere on fox on jan.9, Before moving to a new Monday nightime slot on Jan.10.

The give, which wiLLAir in consecutive weeks without repeats through entire fourth season, picks up 18 months big event shaken mr.Bauer yetAgain saved many individuaLs from terrorist doom.As day four gets under way, jack happen to be fired by new ctu head erin driscoLL(L.A. Femme Nikita'sALberta Watson), But is forced cooperate with her when his new boss,Admin of Defense James HeLLer(Knots landing's bill devane),Appoints him to check into the expLosion ofA commuter train.

And did we point out that jack is also having a clandestine affair with heller's married daughter(Third watch's ellie raver)?Ohio, which jack!

Relationship, as area of the deal between fox and vodaphone, businesses will be ringing in additional made for cell projects.The 2005 cartoon fox feature flick robots, having features such as the voices of ewan mcgregor, halle berries, the boy wonder williams, mel brooks while greg kinnear, will be promoted via cell to vodaphone customers as part of a"Fox movie your month"Showcase, in order to variety.

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